GCL Contracting & Engineering Inc.
Highway and Road Construction




GCL Contracting & Engineering Inc. is able to supply a wide range of construction services, providing Owners with the assistance they require to ensure the successful completion of their projects.

Design Assistance
    Provide practical technical input, prior to construction
    Preparation of detailed designs, working with consultants
    Complete designs as part of a design-build team
    Preparation of budgets for project feasibility

Project Management
    Act as the Owner's agent to manage the daily construction
    Prepare and monitor critical path schedules
    Provide current project costing and budget comparisons
    Ensure project changes are incorporated efficiently

    Undertake complete construction of projects
    Provide the company fleet of equipment for short term jobs
    Work with an experienced network of sub-contractors


    Construction of new roads, including required structures
    Upgrading of streets while maintaining traffic flows
    Installation of underground utilities

General Earthworks
    Excavation of drainage channels and detention ponds
    Rehab of environmentally sensitive areas
    Expansion of landfills

Golf Courses
    Construction of new golf courses
    Renovation of existing golf courses

Treatment Plants
    Packaged sewage treatment plants for local areas
    Upgrades to municipal sewage treatment plants
    Storm drainage pump stations

56 Ave Box Culvert, Langley

Seymour Golf Club, Front 9 Renovations

Trans Canada Hwy 1 - Annis Road